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Art Deco is a type of art that originated in 1925 in Paris, France. The term "art deco" became extremely popular after an exhibition in 1966, referring to the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs Industriels Modernes that was the culmination of high-end style modern in Paris. Which was led by some of the best designers in the decorative arts such as fashion, and interior design. This type of art affected all the areas of design throughout the 1920s & 1930s, including architecture and industrial design. It also affected the visual arts for example painting, the graphic arts and film. During this time frame, Art Deco was seen as elegant, glamorous, functional and modern styles of art, as you will see in some of the images posted on these pages.


Art Deco took many different routes of art when it was introduced into the world of art one of many types was in an architectural her are some images.

ceiling Art Deco bridge

Architect Deco Indian building Art Deco


Another type of art deco is shown through jewlery, If you run your cursor right over the image you will be able to see a different image appear.

these are just a few typs of Deco art, more will be displayed on the next page.


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