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New Mexico State University
Surveying Engineering
ACSM and NMPS Student Chapter

ACSM Annual Conference

Each year, we attend the ACSM Nation Conference and take part in the NSPS's student competition. This year's student competition will not be held at the ACSM conference.

In 2010, NMSU students competed against students from across the country on the topic of Forensic Surveying.  Students completed a forensic survey of an accident site near campus.  Once their survey was complete, they created a survey plat of the scene and presented the findings to a panel of experts from around the country.

The 2009 conference was held in Salt Lake City, UT and the topic was historic surveying methods. Students from the NMSU Student Chapter broke out the slide rules, transits, other historic equipment to compete against students from across the country.

The 2008 conference was held in Spokane, WA. This was an excellent for all who participated and the NMSU Student Chapter took 2nd place in the competition.

In 2007, the conference was held in St Louis, MO. The topic of this years competition was railroad surveys. Students from across the country competed by staking out a horizontal curve with a transit and tape.

Orlando, FL was the site of the 2006 conference. This year's topic was solar observations. This gave our students a chance to use historical surveying equipment and methods.