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Try-outs are Near!

It’s almost that time!

Come 7:30 pm on Tuesday, we will hold out try-outs. As a reminder, it will be held in the Activity Center on campus in room 229. We will be teaching you the dance you will perform for try-outs, so be sure to wear something comfortable. You can also bring a water bottle for yourself, though there is also a water fountain close to the room. I know “try-out” and “perform” sounds stressful, but you’re never dancing alone throughout the process. :)

Hope to see you there!


Changes for a New School Year

Hello, everyone!

We were formerly known as Aggie DanceSport Team (ADST), but have now changed our name to Aggie Ballroom Dance Association (ABDA).

Anyone can now e-mail us at:

We are open to accepting new members, so drop us an e-mail if you’re interested! Just to recap, we do latin, ballroom and swing style dances. We are solely a student-run organization here at NMSU and put on performances to benefit the community and charities.

You can visit, and learn a dance, with us at two upcoming events on campus:

Aggie Fest on August 20th at the I-Mall

Open House on August 21st at Corbett Center

See you then!