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Attending college is an expensive investment. AFROTC scholarships can pay for your tuition, books, and provide a monthly stipend to help with other expenses.

If you are in high school, you can apply for the high school scholarship at the following link before December of your Senior year:
After your first semester in the program, we will consider offering you a merit-based scholarship based on your major, GPA, test scores and performance in the program. High demand majors, such the Sciences, Engineering and Nursing, will be given greater consideration, however a percentage of other majors earn scholarships as well.

I didn't get a scholarship, can the Air Force still help?

Aside from offering an amazing career as an Air Force officer, we still want to help you make it through college. NMSU offers discounted housing rates for any cadet that chooses to live in the AFROTC dorms. Also, once contracted (normally the start of the Junior year), all of our cadets receive a stipend using the table below:
Tax Free Stipend
Freshmen (scholarship only) $300/month
Sophomore (scholarship only) $350/month
Junior (FT graduates) $450/month
Senior (FT graduates) $500/month
NMSU AFROTC Housing Rates
Single occupancy $1980/semester
Double occupancy $1434/semester
When signing up for housing ask
for the optional Air Force ROTC dorm