Directions to the Baby Lab




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     The Mother-Infant Laboratory (Baby Lab) is located on the first floor of Science Hall. Science Hall is home to              
     the departments of Computer science,
Mathematics and Psychology.

     Directions to the Science Hall from E. University Ave:

    1) Take a left on S. Espina if you are traveling West on University. Take a Right on S. Espina if you are traveling East
    2) Turn on Stewart Street
    3) Take a Left on Williams Ave.
    4) You will pass a small parking lot on your immediate left.  Keep going until you come to the second parking lot on
        your left (Faculty Lot #52).

    5) You will park in the parking space that is the furthest in on the Right.  This parking space is labeled

Human Communications Dynamic Laboratory, Client Parking Only
    7) Find the ramp on the corner of the Science Hall, go down to the brown doors. Right inside is the Baby Lab, room #179.


Ramp to the Baby Lab, room #179

Stretched out map showing E. University Ave.






New Mexico State University
College of Arts and Sciences
Psychology Department

Science Hall, Room #179
Las Cruces, NM, 88003
(575) 646-7356