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I worked with the freeware Kizoa that is an internet based program.  This program is free unless you want to upgrade to the Premium version which has different perks.  Although without purchasing the product it limits the user to what they can do as far as variety and some sharing options on Facebook and Twitter.

Kizoa had a very short licensing agreement which was called the “Terms of Service”.  Kizoa is owned by Pixvisio, and they follow the “Information Technology and Freedom” French law.  This law states that they can use any information that the user  imports or modifies within their program.   The Terms of Service goes over any Payment Options, Refund Policy, Right to Rerminate Services, Service Use Restrictions and Privacy. ( 

There are no special requirements for this freeware especially since it is an internet based program that is stored on the server.  This freeware seems to be compatible with most browsers in Windows.  I used Google Chrome and Firefox to work with it and there were very few flaws as far as freezing.  As far as tutorials the only one I found besides the actual site itself and trial and error, the only other site was.   (  There is also a help tab in the top that gives a decent tutorial.  If you really get stuck you can contact someone from Kizoa which is always nice.   There was very little Help and support from any other sites.  Most of the information came from the kizoa site itself. 

I was getting mixed reviews looking from websites.  From as bad as, “SCAMMERS! FRAUD!!!!  When i was done with the setting up my free version, it uploads the photos and deletes them from your hard drive. Then you find out that to save it you need to pay for membership. I didnt want to do that, emailed the Kizoa people, they told me to download my images back I had to have a premium account. WTF!!!!!!!!””  written by Maria M. To as defensive as “you people who have negative experiences are probably drunk. i purchased it on line for 49 American dollars, added 4 of my songs to a slide show along with 85 pictures, emailed it &burned it on to a DVD. It is phenominal!! Unfortunately, it was a memorial for a child. Can't wait to start a new one, this time I won't feel guilty for having...”  as said by Rosie D. ( (  Most of the reviews were bad though these were some of my favorites. 

Kizoa allows you to insert slides that are premade within their site.  Some of the key elements was they tried to make it like Microsoft Word with the ribbons and tabs.  I seems to have potential if you buy the full version of it with sharing and then burning it to a CD if you need to at a later date in time.  The difficulties I encountered while using this program was getting used to the way it was laid out initially.  I thought that it was hard to navigate through the interface and get things accomplished.  I had to read the tutorial to get some of the concepts down.  According to this website   Two other software programs that are out there is ProPresenter seems to be one of the highest price starting at roughly $400,  and Presentation seems to be the lowest in value starting at roughly $35. ( . 

On a scale from one to ten I would rate this somewhere in the middle at a 6, because I did not get to fully experience the premium version of it I’m sure there is more you can do with this program but I was unable to access them without paying.  I enjoyed experiencing the new software but I did not care for the interface and its restrictions. I felt that the company could have given you more tools to play with in the free version so you can get more of a feel of what the user could do and benefit from. 





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