Table 10: Transorganizational Development Definitions


TD - a collective story is being shaped and co-constructed among the network of transorganizational participants. Each stakeholder is negotiating the meaning of the collective story. Each story is a fragment, a perspective on the whole. Some are problem based, issue based, solution based or just fantasy based. Each is a candidate to become the dominant collective story (Boje, 1979, 1981).


Story - A telling of a past or anticipated event brought into the present through oral or written performance.


Collective Story - A story of the past or anticipated future that is negotiated and co-constructed among a wider community (Boje & Wolfe, 1989).


Transorganizational Networking Planned change in the collective relationships of a variety of stakeholders to accomplish something beyond the capability of any single organization or individual (e.g. Culbert et. al., 1972).


Networking Building bridges of similarity and association among a set of people and their organizations in order to share resources and solve problems.

Stakeholder Person, tree, or organization who is affected by what the organization is doing or intending to do ("Have a stake in") - Based upon Mason & Mitroff's work.

TD1 Type One Transorganization Network Seeks to recombine the community or global division of labor such that fragments of the self, social, and market can put the status quo back together (Boje, 1999: 14-189).

TD2 Type Two Transorganization Network Seeks to resist or modify the behavior of TD1 networks by forming an alternative TD2 network to conduct campaigns of resistance and power realignment (Boje, 1999: 14-18).

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