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Selection Sources for Church Libraries:

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Scope note: included here are sites which review the science fiction and fantasy genre from a religious perspecitve.

Christian Fandom Home Page.
Christian Fandom began in 1982 as an “interdenominational fellowship of S[cience]F[iction] fans interested in the courteous and accurate representation of Christian viewpoints in the SF community.” Their web page contains interviews, original stories, and book, audio book, and film reviews. Navigation is cumbersome, but the persistent visitor will find reviews hiding under recommended reading. Following the Shared Reading List link results in a list of all the site’s reviews arranged alphabetically by author. Bibliographic information is provided, since Fandom is a purchasing partner, and cover art accompanies most reviews. All reviews are signed, although not all are dated. Descriptive reviews dominate, and clearly contain Christian commentary. The attempt to provide audio book and film reviews is a welcome, but the information is not current. An unfortunate number of dead links plague the site, and the navigation buttons are inconsistent on various pages. More useful for finding reviews of older materials. Last visited: 03/2011.

Christian Speculative Fiction (CSF)
A cluttered personal homepage with works divided into three categories: Modern CSF, Classic CSF and Religious Fantasy. Admittedly the reviews are the work of the site owner, vary in length and quality, and lack bibliographic data. However the layout and extremely small font distract visitors from the potentially interesting topic. Last visited: 03/2011.

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