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Reviews of Christian Electronic Resources

ASDAL Action. Association of Seventh-day Adventist Librarians.
ASDAL Action is a triennial newsletter, featuring the Adventist Resources Column and book reviews. Recent books, theses, and periodical articles accompanied by bibliographic citations and one sentence descriptions constitute the Column. Three to five books may be reviewed, although not every issue contains reviews. Signed evaluative reviews include bibliographic information. Previous issues are available. Last visited: 09/2014.

Books and Culture: A Christian Review. Carol Stream, IL: Christianity Today, Inc. ISSN: 1082-8931.
A bimonthly publication providing “evangelical analysis of the books and ideas that are shaping our society.” Extensive interdisciplinary essays by leading Christian writers mix social commentary and reviews. Essays are descriptive and critical, signed with credentials, contain brief ordering information, and encompass religious and mainstream publications. Newspaper-like format accompanied by illustrations and side bars. Includes non-print reviews. Indexed. Three subscription levels. Online access limited depending upon subscription level. A highly recommended, refreshing approach. Last visited: 09/2014.

Christian Book Reviews
Available since 2005, this attractive blog is a one-man reviewing effort focusing on books addressing “the historic Christian faith as it developed from the time of the Apostles to the Ecumenical Councils. The site is not aimed at any one particular ecclesial affiliation but all who see the early undivided Church as a standard for orthodoxy.” The purpose and scope of the site are clearly stated, although the lengthy, critical and signed reviews are all by the site owner. Each item is assigned rating and cover art is provided. Search the site, use the subject headings, or subscribe to an RSS feed. Well done! Last visited 09/2014.

Christian Library Journal. Christian Library Services. ISSN: 1097-1262.
Begun in 1995, this publication became an online magazine in 2001. The purpose of CLJ is to provide “ of library materials from a Christian point of view.” Reviews, approximately 250 per issue, include non-print formats and feature both religious and secular publishers. Often signed by Christian educators and church librarians, the descriptive reviews average 100-200 words and are arranged by age and genre. Recommended interest levels, suggested DDC cataloging, series notes, and complete bibliographic information included. Numeric “quality” and “acceptability” ratings are unique and potentially helpful, since reviewing guidelines are provided. Articles and columns provide helpful hints, and title/author/illustrator indexes round out the publication. A purchasing cooperative is available. Also indexed by Christian Periodical Index. Highly recommended for its breadth of coverage, CLJ's unique features make this a worthwhile purchase. Last visited 09/2014

Christian Theologians Reading List.
A list of 99 extra-biblical religious texts instrumental in helping educate theological laymen. Last visited: 09/2014.

Crendenda. Moscow, Idaho: Community Evangelical Fellowship.
A free publication published bimonthly in hard copy since 1989 and featuring book and movie reviews in the Ex Libris column. The only way to locate a review is by browsing each issue. Lengthy reviews, written by Crendenda editors, are signed. Complete back issues are available. Attractive site, but not dedicated to reviewing. Last visited: 09/2014.

Denver Journal. Englewood, CO: Denver Seminary.
“An online review of current Biblical and theological thought [which] aims to include reviews of all recent and significant books and published media relating to the major fields of biblical and theological studies.” Arranged by subject, the signed scholarly commentary averages 500-800 words, while the accompanying bibliographic data lacks ISBN. Clearly stated purpose, scope, and audience level statements are noticeable in a field generally lacking this detail. Last visited: 09/2014.

Faithful Reader
This and purchasing partner has a very attractive, easily navigated site featuring book excerpts and reviews. Arranged alphabetically by title the book reviews are approximately 500 words and accompanied by author, publisher, ISBN, cover art and an assigned subject category. The reviews, although signed, lack the reviewer's credentials. Hyperlinking the subjects and authors would be a welcomed, simple way to allow users to browse related titles. Other features include author interviews and short bios, a list of forthcoming books, search engine, newsletter, and an interactive opinion poll. More limited in content are the areas devoted to study guides for specific titles, links to author's web sites, bestsellers, and the features section. The section explaining the purpose or scope of the site is disappointingly blank. A separate section is devoted to teens. Last visited: 09/2014.

Presbyterian Outlook
“The online presence of the weekly, independent news and opinion magazine serving the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)” contains book and movie review sections. Signed nonfiction reviews average 300-500 words, contain complete bibliographic data. The primarily descriptive reviews are dated. Quite a few titles are reviewed, although no indication is provided to clarify how books are chosen for review. The new web interface allows users to choose a font size, leave comments, see how popular various reviews are with site visitors, and provide multiple methods to save a review. Nicely done. Last visited: 09/2014.
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