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Materials Available at the NMSU Library: Asians
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Scope note: Included here are materials addressing Asians and Pacific Islanders without regard to country of origin, or materials for groups not elsewhere covered. For additional information see also specific ethnic groups.
Asian American history and culture : an encyclopedia
History and culture for the following populations: Bangladeshi; Burmese; Chinese; Filipino; Indian; Indonesian; Japanese; Korean; Laotian and Hmong; Malaysian; Mongolian; Nepalese; Pacific Islander; Pakistani; Singaporean; Sri Lankan; Taiwanese; Thai; Tibetan; Vietnamese.

Asian Voices: Asian and Asian-American health educators speak out.
This book explores the cultural implications of providing health care to the various populations that make up the Asian American community. Divided into three parts, health promotion, health care and health related issues, and education, the individual contributors address: traditional Chinese medicine, elderly Chinese and Filipino women, HIV/AIDS in Asian Americans, Buddhist ethics regarding death, and many other pertinent issues.

Health characteristics of the Asian adult population United States, 2004-2006.
A survey and statistics.
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