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New Mexico State University
Engineer's Council


Goddard Hall


The Engineer's Council (E-Council) is the lead organization that represents the student body and all student organizations within the College of Engineering. The purpose of the Engineer's Council is to foster professional and social activities for engineering students through a coordinating body of students representing all engineering organizations and chapters chartered under the Engineer's Council. The council is responsible for promoting student life at the college level, promote interaction between students, organizations and members at the department and college level, fund organizations, set-up fundraisers, community service events, and plan college-wide events.

The President of the Engineer's Council works with members of the Office of the Assistant Dean in order to increase interaction between students and members of the Dean's Office.

The Engineer's Council is composed of the following members:

I. President

II.Vice President

III.Vice President of Internal Affairs

IV.Vice President of External Affairs

V. Vice President of Finance

VI. (Four) NMSU Student Government (ASNMSU) Senators

VII. (Two) representatives of each engineering organizations

VIII. (Two) Council Advisors from the Office of the Assistant Dean.