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Facka, A. N., G. W. Roemer, V. Mathis, M. Kam, & E. Geffen. 2010. Drought leads to collapse of black-tailed prairie dog populations reintroduced to the Chihuahuan Desert. Journal of Wildlife Management 74: 1752-1762.

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Roemer, G. W.
, M. E. Gompper and B. Van Valkenburgh. 2009. The ecological role of the mammalian mesocarnivore. BioScience. 59: 165-173. (download pdf)

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Northcott, J., M. C. Andersen, G. W. Roemer, E. L. Fredrickson, M. DeMers & J. Truett. 2008. Spatial analysis of effects of mowing and burning on colony expansion in reintroduced Cynomys ludovicianus (Black-tailed prairie dog). Restoration Ecology. 16(3): 495-502. (download pdf)

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(download pdf)

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(download pdf)

Roemer, G. W. & C. J. Donlan. 2005. Biology, policy and law in endangered species conservation: II. A case history in adaptive management of the island fox on Santa Catalina Island, California. Endangered Species UPDATE 22:144-156. (download pdf)

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(download pdf)

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Proceedings, Book Chapters and Other Publications

Ford, P. L., M. C. Andersen, E. L. Fredrickson, J. Truett, and G. W. Roemer. 2007. Effects of fire and mowing on expansion of re-established black-tailed prairie dog colonies in Chihuahuan Desert Grassland.  In: Narog, M.G., ed. Proceedings of the 2002 Fire Conference on Managing fire and fuels in the remaining wildlands and open spaces of the southwestern United States. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-189, Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service, 7 pp.

Donlan, C. J., P. S. Martin, & G. W. Roemer. 2007. Lessons from land: Present and past signs of ecological decay and the overture to the Earth’s 6th mass extinction. Pages 14-26 In J. A. Estes, D.P. DeMaster, D.F. Doak, T.M. Williams & R.L. Brownell, Jr., Eds. Whales, Whaling and Ocean Ecosystems. University of California Press. Berkeley. (download pdf)

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Roemer, G. W. 2004. Evolution, behavioural ecology, and conservation of island foxes. Pages 173 – 183 in D. W. Macdonald and C. Sillero-Zubiri, eds. The Biology and Conservation of Wild Canids, Oxford University Press, 432 pp. (download pdf)

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Roemer, G.W., D.K. Garcelon, T.J. Coonan, & C. Schwemm. 1994. The use of capture-recapture methods for estimating, monitoring, and conserving island fox populations. Pages 387-400 in W.L. Halvorsen and G.J. Maender, eds. The Fourth California Islands Symposium: update on the status of resources. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, California.

Garcelon, D. K., & G. W. Roemer.  1990.  The reintroduction of bald eagles on Santa Catalina Island. Pages 63-68 in P.J. Bryant and J. Remington, eds. Endangered  Wildlife and Habitats in Southern California. Memoirs of the Natural History Foundation of Orange County, Volume 3.  Newport Beach, California. (download pdf)

Garcelon, D. K., & G. W. Roemer, Editors.  1988.  Proceedings of the International Symposium on Raptor Reintroduction, 1985.  Institute for Wildlife Studies, Arcata, California. 148 pp.

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