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Technical Reports

Roemer, G. W., B. G. Dickson, B. H. McRae, J. M. Rundall, K. Menke, F. Winslow, B. M. Truett. and J. A. Cook. 2009. A Test of Landscape Connectivity across the Sky Islands Region using Large Carnivores as Model Organisms. Final report to the Wilburforce Foundation. 45pp.

Lonsinger, R. C. and G. W. Roemer. 2009. The development of habitat and corridor suitability models as a test of landscape connectivity within the Chihuahuan Desert Network. Final report to Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns National Parks. 15 pp.

Moses, M. R., J. K. Frey, G. W. Roemer and E. Geffen. 2008. Keystone indicator: A tool for semidesert grassland conservation. Final report to International Arid Lands Consortium, Project # 05R-16. 39 pp. (download pdf)

Facka, A. N., R. C. Lonsinger and G. W. Roemer. 2008.  Estimates of population size of Gunnison’s prairie dogs in the Aubrey Valley, Arizona based on a new monitoring approach. Final report to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.  26 pp. (download pdf)

Roemer, G. W., D. Auerbach, M. Andersen & K. Young. 2007. Final Environmental Assessment for the Management of Invasive Vertebrates (Feral pigs, Aoudad, Nutria and Bullfrogs). Big Bend National Park, TX. (download pdf)

Young, K. E., T. S. Schrader, K. G. Boykin, C. Caldwell & G. W. Roemer. 2007. Early Detection of Invasive Species in Big Bend National Park: Remote Sensing and GIS Strategies. New Mexico Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Las Cruces, NM. 103 pp. + Appendices.
(download pdf)

Newsom, C. & G. W. Roemer. 2004.  Carlsbad Caverns Herpetofauna Inventory: Year 2, Summer 2004. Annual Report, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM

Woolman, M. & G. W. Roemer. 2003.  Carlsbad Caverns Herpetological Inventory Year 1, Summer 2003. Annual Report, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM


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