My autobiography

Hi, my name is Iliana Guadalupe. I am originally from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and recently moved to Las Cruces from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a Paralegal Associates Degree that I obtained in 2003. I recently decided that I wanted to pursue an undergraduate degree. There are not many universities that offer a four year degree in Legal Studies so I chose the College of Extended Learning at NMSU to complete my Bachelor in Individualized Studies. This degree has given me the opportunity to learn different disciplines such as; Criminal Justice, History, and Anthropology. I am graduating with my BIS and minors in Spanish, History, and Anthropology this summer and I was admitted into the Masters program in Cultural and Social Anthropology at NMSU. I will be starting this coming fall.

Lately I have not had much time for hobbies or I should say my hobby is studying and I spent my time at the NMSU libraries. I love to read while I drink a nice coffee. I also like to travel by car any time I have the opportunity and cruise around historical areas. I am a big football (soccer) fan. My goal is to go again to a World Cup which it would be Brazil 2014.

I hope that I can pursue a Ph. D. in Law and Society or Cultural Anthropology. I would like to teach at a university one day the subjects of Law, Anthropology, History, and Religion. In the future I would also like to go back to teaching Evangelization in my local parish wherever that may be. I plan to live a nice simple and happy life.

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