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What to Bring?
Precautions before you run into items:

Make sure that pickles are packed properly so that they do not spoil your luggage. Do not overload your luggage with utensils. Knives, nail cutter etc., are to be kept in the main suitcase and not in the Hand Luggage.


Carry important medicines (esp. for fever, head and body aches, anti-allergy, cough and cold, diarrhoea etc.) Ointments for burns, cuts etc. Prescriptions from your doctor (if suffering from a chronic illness) Bandages, Band-aids etc. Moisturizer cream (winter skin-care) Carry extra pair(s) of spectacles (or contact lenses) and prescription (spectacles and eye check-ups are prohibitively expensive here- A new pair of glasses can cost around $200-$300 !)

Items Item-List Number
Clothes Jeans 5
Light T-Shirts (summer wear) 6-8
Thick T-Shirts (or sweatshirts) 4-6
Shorts 4
Cap 1-2
Formal Shirts/Trousers (for presentations etc) 2-3
Formal or suit (for interviews etc) (optional) 1
Neck-ties 2
Formal and informal belts 2-3
Formal leather shoes (carry shoe-polish too) 1 pair
Sweaters 2
Jacket or Windcheater (for fall) 1
Leather wallet (with pockets for lots of plastic cards) 1 or 2
Traditional outfit (kurta-pyjama etc - for ethnic occasions) 1
Sport-shoes (a must) 1 pair
Slippers/sandals (to wear around the house) 1 pair
Inner wear (laundry once in 2 weeks) 14
Socks 4 pairs
Toilet Kit Toothbrushes 4
Toothpaste 2
Talcum powder 1
Razor 1
Packets shaving blades 4-5
Shaving cream 2
Comb 2
Nail-cutter 1
Bottle hair-oil 1
Food Items Packet of Dal (Toor, Moong etc) 1-2 Kg
Tamarind or Tamarind paste 1 kg or 2 bottles of paste
Coffee/Tea 1 packet
Pickles (Mango, Tomato, Ginger etc) 2-3 Kg
Sambar Powder 1 packet
Rasam Powder 1 packet
Garam Masala 1 packet
Cloves, Cinnamon and other spices small samples
Utensils Pressure Cooker (5 Ltr with spare handle, 3 safety valves, 2 weights, 1 base plate, 3 gaskets) 1
Bowls 2
Plates 2
Tumblers / Drinking Glasses 2
Dosa turner, Charani (server with holes), Rice server and other servers 1
Knife 1
Recipe Book (optional) 1
Miscellaneous Large Pillow Covers 2
Bedsheets 1
Towels 2
Napkins 2
Sewing kit (needles, thread, buttons, safety-pin etc) 1
Screwdriver 1
Backpack 1
Stationary (ruler, pencils, pens, stapler, tape, scissors, 3-hole folders, etc.)
Scientific Calculator (a must for engineering students) 1
Watch 1
Alarm clock (carry spare cells) 1