Teatro y Revolcuión Cubana: Subversión y utopia en

“Los siete contra Tebas”, de Antón Arrufat

 (Lewiston, NY, Mellen Press, 2002)

 [Barquet] had to deal, as the title states, with both the literary and the political. When placed together, these two concepts could lead to a highly impassioned and unilateral analysis of little or dubious use. ... Barquet has bypassed such risks. He bases his discourse on such thorough and varied documentation from Cuban and foreign sources that is difficult to refute. … With the useful journey through Seven Against Thebes and its epoch furnished by this book, two assertions are well-established: first, the play is one of the masterpieces of Cuban theater of all time, and second, Barquet’s study constitutes a model of criticism in the field of Latin-American drama.

                     José A. Escarpanter, critic of Latin-American theater