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Mammal Collection Resources

Museum Directory

Directory of Mammal Collections in the Western Hemisphere:  PDF version of the American Society of Mammalogist special publication.

Searchable Museum Databases

MaNIS: Mammal Networked Information System: Integrated museum data available in a searchable geospatial format.  Currently includes 31 North American collections.

INRAM: Institute of Natural Resource Analysis and Management, Biodiversity Division:   Integrated museum data available in a searchable geospatial format.  Includes collections from the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Western New Mexico University, and Eastern New Mexico University.

ARCTOS: Includes Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico, Western New Mexico University; and University of Alaska Museum

United States National Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

Texas Tech University, The Museum

Oklahoma Biological Survey: Integrated museum data for Oklahoma mammals.  Includes museums records from Cameron University (CUMZ), University of Central Oklahoma (CSU), East Central University (EC), Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH), Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (FWMSH), University of Kansas (KU), Michigan State University (MSU), University of California (MVZ), Oklahoma State University (OSU), University of Oklahoma Biological Station (UOBS), University of Texas (TMM), Texas Tech University (TTU), University of Michigan (UMMZ), and United States National Museum (USNM)

Sam Nobel Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
SEINet: Southwest Environmental Information Network.  Provides search the Arizona State University mammal collection in addition to other non-mammalian collections



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