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Museum Methods Class: During Spring 2006 Dr. Frey offered
an upper division Museum Methods laboratory class, which was
taught in the museum preparation room.  Zachary Schwenke, a
senior undergraduate student and the specimen preparation
coordinator for the museum, got teaching experience as the
laboratory assistant for the class.  This laboratory course was
limited to a small class size so that students could receive
individual attention.  The class focused on hands-on museum
techniques including the preparation of a wide array of vertebrate
specimens including bats, snakes, and birds.  The specimens that
were prepared by students will be permanently accessioned into
the museum so that future generations of students will have the
benefit of studying properly prepared specimens.

Mammalogy Workshop:  During Spring 2006 Zachary Schwenke
provided laboratory instruction on mammal specimen preparation
to 12 student enrolled in WLSC 431 Forest and Range Mammals.

Freshman Workshop:
 In October 2006 Zachary Schwenke
offered a specimen preparation workshop to 21 students enrolled
in WLSC 110 Introduction to Natural Resource Management.  The
ultimate goal of this workshop was to educate and introduce these students to a few important aspects in the field of wildlife science, including methods used in museum studies, and the
collection and preservation of data.   Students were also taught
proper respect and handling of museum specimens, a value which
they will use in many of their future wildlife classes.

Contact information for Dr. Jennifer K. FreyEmail: jfrey@nmsu.edu