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Western States Wildlife Conclave:  The NMSU student chapter of The Wildlife Society is hosted the annual western states wildlife conclave in March 2006.  Each year students from wildlife programs in the western US meet to interact and learn new things.  One of the main attractions of the conclave is a quiz bowl, where each university competes to answer the most questions about wildlife biology.  The museum provided specimens for the quiz bowl as well as other logistical support for the conclave.  As part of the conclave, Zachary Schwenke, assisted by Aaron Sims, provided a workshop on specimen preparation techniques to 14 student participants.

Outreach Education Display:
Museum assistant Aaron Sims, a senior undergraduate in Wildlife Science, is currently working on an educational display focusing on New Mexico's wildlife, geared towards all ages. The display will be located in a glass case at the east entryway to Knox Hall.  The Wildlife Museum display will have a specific theme that will change periodically and that will highlight some of New Mexico's fascinating wildlife. The theme for the display's debut will be "Native Canids of New Mexico".  Hopefully, the display will not only educate a wide range of audiences, but will also spark interest in the major and career field as a whole.

NMSU Vertebrate Wildlife Museum Outreach Education Program:  The outreach education program is an exciting new program hosted by the Vertebrate Wildlife Museum and the Department of Fishery and Wildlife Sciences.  The educational wildlife programs are taught by student museum assistants.  A diverse array of museum specimens are the centerpieces for a curriculum that’s intended for all audiences from kindergarten to adults! Examples of recent programs include:

  • Waterfowl and Fish Program.  Given to 115 children and 9 adults from Vista Middle School at Fort Seldon State Monument
  • Bat program.  Given to 40 first grade children and 9 adults at Tombaugh Elementary School
  • Local Wildlife Program.  Given to 200 first and second grade children and 13 adults at Mesquite Elementary School.

To inquire about the educational programs call the departmental office at 505-646-1544 and leave a message with the secretary.

Contact information for Dr. Jennifer K. FreyEmail: jfrey@nmsu.edu