Fun with Photoshop

I removed the stamp border and other elements and the title from each image using the clone stamp, healing brushes and patch tool. I then adjusted the levels and contrast.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Original Retouched

To remove the stamp and title I used the clone stamp, healing brushes and patch tools in Photoshop.  All these tools sample an area on your picture and replace the target area with texture, color or both depending on the tool. The tricky part is choosing areas to sample when there is texture in the part that needs to be replaced (branches, flowers, etc), I did my best to pick samples that would match, and blended them in as best I could.

I watched a couple of Tattoo removal tutorials on you tube before I started:

Other useful tutorials are below:

Clone stamp tool 
Healing brushes 
Patch tool tutorial -

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