Information Engineering Technology Professor
EC3-389 NMSU
Office Hours - Mornings
Phone: 575-312-1025
Doctorate in Computer Science - Brandeis University

Michael is

Employed at New Mexico State University NMSU as a professor in Engineering Technology. Michael's professional background includes experience with Database Design, Java Programming, Python Programming, Reverse Engineering, Text Analysis Software, Computational Linguistics, C Programming, Embedded Systems programming, Internet and Data Security, FCC Amateur Extra Class license (NM5SU). Also, research and tool development for Digital Humanities involving the study of the Bible in Hebrew, Greek and English

Courses Taught

    ET255 - Web Technologies
    ET262 - Beginning Programming with Java
    ET339/ICT339 - Computer Forensics
    ET362 - Advanced Programming with Java
    ET435 - IET Senior Projects
    ICT450 - Overview of Cloud Computing
    ET457 - Information Security
    ET458/ICT458 - Database Applications - mySql, sqlite3 and PHP
    ICT460 - Multimedia Development
    ET/ICT/462 - Unix Administration
    ET/ICT463 - Advanced Unix Administration (Python)
    ET400 - Data Mining and Text Processing with Python

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