The Rock
Picture of Navy Photographers on Deck

Thanks to the unnamed US Servicemen

who took most of the official photographs shown on these pages.

All Shipboard photos are Official U.S. Navy Photographs

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Materials from the private collection of Ruff Berver

Additional materials from the private collections of
W. Robert Swartz, John Vreeland,
E.T. Grolla, Carl J. Beddows, Milton A. Rhea and Ken Camozzi.

The 1944 photos of the Ship's interior were provided by Tracy White,
Reasearcher @ Large

The Wartime History was produced by the Staff of the Rocky Mount at the end of the war.

The maps were generated through the courtesy of Xerox-Parc.

Samuel Elliot Morrison, The Two Ocean War,
Little, Brown &;Company,1963

Henry Salomon & Richard Hanser, Victory at Sea,
National Broadcasting Company,1952

Thomas Bailey, The American Pageant,
D.C. Heath and Company,1966

The Birthday Card
was produced by the
Staff of the USS Rocky Mount Press.

Unidentified Home Town Press Clippings
are from the scrapbooks of Crew Members which were reprinted in
The Rock Report,
a newsletter for friends and shipmates of the USS Rocky Mount.

The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships,
DANFS Online
links and text courtesy of Andrew Toppan.

Current photographs of Saipan were provided through the courtesy of The Saipan Chamber of Commerce.

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