A Royal Proclamation Issued As
Image of Neptunes Royal Proclamation

King Neptune
Takes Command of the U.S.S. Rocky Mount

TO ALL SAILORS WHEREVER YE MAY BE: ......... and to all Mermaids,Whales, Sharks, Sea Serpents, Porpoises, Dolphins, Eels, Skates, Suckers, Crabs, and all other Living Things of the Sea!

KNOW YE:......That on this 1st day of October 1944 there appeared within Our Royal Domain the U.S.S. Rocky Mount bound south for the Equator and for a base in the South Pacific.

BE IT REMEMBERED: that said vessel and crew thereof have been inspected and passed by ourself and Royal Staff.

AND BE IT KNOWN: By all ye Sailors, Marines, Land Lubbers and others who may be honored by his presence that Rufus Berver - SK 2/c having been found worthy to be numbered as one of our Trusty Shellbacks he has been duly initiated into the: SOLEMN MYSTERIES OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF THE DEEP

Be it further understood: That by virtue of the power vested in me I do hereby command all my subjects to show honor and respect for him wherever he may be.


Given under our hand and seal on this 1st day of October 1944

Davey Jones ~ Neptunus Rex
His Majesty's Scribe ~ Ruler of the Raging Main

Royal Procession
Shellbacks lead the Royal procession on the Main Deck before Polywog initiations begin.

Royal Court
King Neptune's Royal Court is the center of attention below the ship's navigation bridge.

His Majesty's Royal Scribe reads the list of charges brought against aquivering, scantily clad Polywog.

A Plea
The ship's chaplain, a polywog, begs for mercy from the Royal Court before being sentenced.

A Hot Deck and Bare Feet
Polywogs are given lessons on dancing by very persuasive Shellback instructors.

Equatorial Rockettes
A Royal Shellback Cop drills a line of Polywogs in a dance routine as others are shackled in yokes.

Emergency Care
An amazing number of Polywogs required impromptu 'medical' attention from the Royal Physicians.

An unfortunate Polywog undergoes a delicate, but messy 'operation'.

Close Shave
The Royal Barber's Chair tips a Polywog back into a slimy water tank after receiving his Royal haircut.

A thoroughly-soaked Polywog emerges from his royal shower worthy to be proclaimed a Shellback.

Royal Proclamation
After having passed the initiation, the new Shellback is welcomed to the order by his Royal Highness, Neptunus Rex.

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