Thank You, Harry Truman
Picture of Paul Bervers family

Paul Berver and Family

My father served in the Rocky Mount which was scheduled to participate in Operation OLYMPIC, the invasion of Kyushu, Japan. My father-in-law was in the Army that was being prepared to take part in that invasion as well.

If these men had perished (like these Americans on Saipan) in the fierce fighting that was expected, none of the people in this picture would be alive today.

I wish to thank the veterans who preserved my freedom. I also wish to thank Harry Truman who preserved the lives of so many servicemen by ending the war before the invasion.

Paul Berver

The Crew of the Rocky Mount holds regular reunions and prints a newsletter. If you served on "The Rock" and are not on their mailing list, please use this e-mail address to make contact.

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