Important Documents

All papers presented at Sophia meetings are available for download in .pdf format prior to the presentation. Take a look at the papers and come prepared with questions, comments, and criticisms!

Problems with Euthyphro's Dilemma -by Christopher Carver

Surmounting the Roadblocks to Utopia -by Christian Barentine

How Much Human Enhancement is Too Much? -by Nick Agar

Jason Denholm and Jeffrey Taylor
Technology assessment
Environmental Emergency Act

Scepticism About Intuition -by David Sosa

Toward an Ontology of Authored Works -by Darren Hick

Aim-inhibited Erôs in Plato’s Symposium -by Debra Nails

Williams’ Integrity: Is The Utilitarian’s Calculus Too Inhuman for Morality? -by Alexander Raby

Books VIII and IX of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics

An Anarchist Argument for Political Obligation-by John Harris

Reproductive Choice and the Ideals of Parenting -by Elisabeth Gedge

Uninsured: Heal Thyself - by Mark Walker

Personal Identity, Fission and Time Travel by John Wright

Don't Kill Rule-Richard Hedden

Handout on Fatalism-Alex Raby

Regress Argument-Sara Ash

Personal Identity, Fission and Time Travel by John Wright

Sophia Flyer Feb 24



Demandingness of Negative Duties by Judith Lichtenberg

Unthinking the Ticking Bomb-NM by David Luban