Cuartocentennial of Colonization of

New Mexico

January 1998 marks the 400th anniversary of the entrada into New Mexico. Don Juan de Onate and a large group of colonists left New Spain to colonize New Mexico in the name of the King of Spain, Phillip II.  Tina Bell and Wendi Goen, two NMSU graduate students, prepared a series of articles which chronicles the weekly progress of this journey. These articles will be available for educators and the public throughout the United States to access.


Delays, Waiting, and More Delays

Time Line

Week Summaries:

    January 26-February 7, 1598

    February 7-March 10, 1598

    March 10-March 30, 1598

    April 1-April 30, 1598

Entrada into New Mexico

The Composition of the Group

    May 1-May 20, 1598

The Aguilar Expedition

    May 21-May 28, 1598

    May 28-June 16, 1598

    June 14-June 21, 1598

    June 21-June 30, 1598

    June 30-July 11, 1598



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