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I am an associate professor of journalism in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Previously, I was the Electronic Journalism Coordinator and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Communication Department at George Mason University. Prior to that, I taught at the American University School of Communication, and most recently, I taught at the University of Maryland Merrill College of Journalism. I left professional journalism to share my experiences and help train and educate student journalists.

Television Journalism Career

Before I became a professor, I spend twenty years as a broadcast journalist, primarily working in local television news. My career has taken me from public television and radio in Binghamton, NY to CNN in Atlanta, to WCNC-TV in Charlotte, and finally to WJLA-TV in Washington, DC, with many other stops in between. I have worked for PBS, CBS, NBC, and ABC as a news producer, assistant news director, and assignment editor. I have anchored, reported, shot, and edited digital and analogue video. I have weathered hurricanes, riots, political conventions, produced documentaries, debates, special series, and breaking news coverage. My work has won local emmys, AP, and many other awards. For more on my checkered past, you may click here to see my academic resume.


I temporarily left teaching to learn about the origins of freedom of the press and to bolster my teaching credentials. I recently completed my doctorate in the History Department at George Mason University. I researched and wrote about the rise of print culture, its importance to the "public sphere," and Virginia origins of the First Amendment right to a free press. My major is American History, with minors in Early American history and the history of Media/Press. The specialty of the department is History and New Media. Please take a look at either a brief description of my research work or download the entire dissertation.

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