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If you're a whiz at video games, why not design them? If you deserve a plush corner office at the YouTube headquarters for the amount of viral videos you post, why aren't you getting paid to produce? Independent film producers are also welcome under the banner of Creative Media Technologies. The course of study to an Associate of Applied Science Degree includes many creative specialties. Most disciplines offer a Certificate of Completion.

Creative Media Technology (Associate of Applied Science) Degree Requirements

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Film Crew Training

This is your chance for hands-on and academic training in the physical production side of the film industry. You'll also be qualified to work at live entertainment events in various capacities such as grip, electric, sound, production assistance, or other craft specialties. Courses include an introduction to production work flow and union recognized safety certification. You'll work with experienced crew members when you get real on-set experience on various long and short-form productions, such as short films, commercials, PSAs and independent features.

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You will learn the fundamentals of animation as they apply to either the technical world or the creative field. You'll master many 3D principles such as shading, anatomy, modeling, texturing, and rigging. Characters and stories you create can be made into cartoons, web applications, or videos.

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Video Production

This progression of courses will expose you to the entire digital film and video production process: including pre-production, basic and advanced camera techniques, casting, script-writing, crewing a set, props, budgets, permits, post-production, video-editing and effects, compositing, and sound. The skills you master can be put to use in documentary film making, news production, music videos, and advertising commercials.

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Audio Production

Music lovers, makers, and mixers will master fundamental sound production techniques using professional equipment and software. With courses covering multi-track recording, mixing, editing, signal processing, equalization, DSP, and MIDI sequencing, you'll gain all the prowess you need to succeed as an audio engineer. You'll be able to take your skills to work in the music industry as a performer or producer, engineer the audio tracks for production houses, or work in the broadcast industry at radio or TV.

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Game Design

This is where gamers turn playtime into paytime. You will learn the design principles, skills and techniques required to create the mechanics, design documents and functioning prototypes for innovative game projects. You'll be exposed to a bit of programming as well as conceptual and design skills, plus you'll design game documentation, and interactive storyboards. Oh yeah, you get to test-play your games, too.