You will collect data with a lab partner(s) (who should be noted in your write-up). However, all the data analysis and write-up should be done without collaboration. This new version of the experiment you will

You will investigate main features of the cyclic voltametry technique and measure redox potentials of three compunds. We will be using an CHI-600A (or CHI-700C) potentiostat from CH Instruments.

Learning CV and Measuring Eo

Before experiment

You should have following components available:

During experiment

Here are two options for the rest of experiments:

Option A. Measuring redox potentials of Ru(bpy)3 and O2:

Option B. Evaluating the effect of surface cleaning and studying self assembly of thiols

After you finish

Tentatively, plan to run iron ions during first day, and eitehr of the two options (Ru(bpy)32+ and O2 vs thiols)- on the second day. If you have time, you might study some other systems of your choice; it is greatly encouraged that you do so.

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