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Q1 (1/24/15): F
A1 (1/24/15): W

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Also, if you used these pages/did these experiment, especially if you were in my class, please grade the labs using the table below.
Please selfevaluate how much you have learned from doing the lab (5 -means a lot, 1-nothing new) and rank the labs overall (1 beeing the best and 10 - being the worst). Please make sure that you don't rank two labs at identical position. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

Survey of Students' opinions

Laboratory Experiment Overall rank of the experiment
From best (1) -------> to worst (10)
nothing(1)-->a lot(5)
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5
1. Vapor Pressure
2. Heat of Combustion
3. Cp/Cv Ratio
4. Thermodynamics of DNA
5. Origins of Color
6. Luminescence Quenching
7. EPR
8. NMR
9. IR of gases
10. Molecular Modeling
Recommend this class to others? 5 - enthusiastically yes
4 - it's OK.
3 - I don't know.
2 - why would they want to suffer?
1 - only if I don't like them

You are welcomed to add any comments in the message field above. Please suggest which labs you would replace or alter in any way.

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