Quizzes: (prelab)

Each student must demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of the principles, objectives and experimental procedures involved in an experiment before beginning the experiment.

Each prelab quiz is worth a possible maximum of 5 points. Some answers to prelab quizzes (those that involve calculations) should be written in your notebooks and shown to your instructor/TA or answered on-line. Consult the appropriate handout or the lab's web page for prelab questions..

  • 4-5 points good preparation
  • 3 point satisfactory preparation
  • < 3 points unsatisfactory preparation. Quiz must be repeated before continuing. (final score = score of repeat)
  • Lab Notebooks:

    Each student must keep a laboratory notebook for this course. A spiral bound notebook is sufficient. Consult Garland, Nibler and Shoemaker (chapter I) for guidelines. Record all data and tape or staple in copies of all spectrometer and computer printouts. The notebooks will not be graded separately, but may be inspected occasionally. The instructor may deduct points from lab reports for a poorly kept notebook. Your notebook is proof that you actually did the experimental work.

    To protect yourself from loss of data, it is recommended that notes are taken using carbon copies or that photocopies are made frequently as backup. Keep backup copies separate from originals.

    Written reports:

    You will have to submit written reports for all labs. Each written lab report is worth a maximum of 30 points. Consult the appropriate handout or the lab's web page for the report format. Grading for each lab may vary somewhat depending on the particular requirements of each. Due dates for reports are exactly two weeks after the lab is finished and given on the attached syllabus. You are encouraged to turn reports in early. Rewriting a report for a better grade is possible for early reports. No rewrites allowed after the due date. There is a one point deduction for each day a report is late. This includes weekend days. No late reports will be accepted that are more than 10 days late.

    Oral presentations:

    You will need to make an oral presentation describing one of the labs. All labs will be distributed at random among all students.

    Grading Summary:


      385 < A
      340 < B < 385
      290 < C < 340
      250 < D < 290
      F < 250

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