Schedule for Chem 435. Spring 2017

Subject to change at the instructor's discretion.
The labs last from 1:10 PM till 4:00 PM and take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays primarily in room CB109.
The schedule presumes that two groups are running two different experiments simaltaneuosly then alternate them and then go on to another pair of experiments. The order of the labs has been altered this year for adjusting to a new order of lecturing in Chem 433, 434 sequence. We will have a lecture before a new pair of labs to review the material. Your preparation for each new lab includes reading online material and answering prelab questions (some of them in a written form in your notebooks).  

# Day Date Report Due Topic Suggested reading besides the web material*
0 Thursday 1/19/17 2/2/17
Do you want to apply for ACS Undergraduate Scholarship?
First meeting in room 113 and lecture
Chemistry Laboratory Safety Regulations Agreement,
Data Analysis Assignment
Ch.1,2 (GNS);  Error_Analysis
Safety crash course 1
Safety crash course 2
        Spectroscopy and Kinetics  
5a Tuesday 1/24/17   Experiment 5, "Origins of Color." UV-Vis
5b Thursday 1/26/17 2/09/17
last day to add a course
Experiment 5 Ch.8.1 (AP) ; exp 34**(GNS)
6a Tuesday 1/31/17   Experiment 6, "Luminescence Quenching." Luminescence Quenching
6b Thursday 2/02/17 2/16/17 Experiment 6 Ch. 24.2, 24.5 (AP); exp 40** (GNS)
  Tuesday 2/07/17 Both groups. Lecture for both groups in room 113  
9a Thursday 2/09/17   Experiment 9, "IR Spectroscopy" IR Spectroscopy;
9b Tuesday 2/14/17 2/28/17 Experiment 9 Ch.16 (AP); exp 37** (GNS)
10a Thursday 2/16/17   Experiment 10, "Molecular Modeling" Mol. Modeling
10b Tuesday 2/21/17 3/07/17 Experiment 10  
  Thursday 2/24/17 Both groups. Lecture for both groups in room 113 Ch.22.4-22.5 (AP);
7a Tuesday 2/28/17   Experiment 7, "ESR Spectroscopy." Mag. Res. Spectroscopy
7b Thursday 3/02/17   Experiment 7 Ch.14 (AP); exp 41** (GNS)
7c Tuesday 3/07/17 3/28/17 Experiment 7  
8a Thursday 3/09/17   Experiment 8, "NMR Spectroscopy."  
8b Tuesday 3/14/17   Experiment 8  
8c Thursday 3/16/17 4/6/17 Experiment 8  
  Tuesday 3/21/17   Spring Break  
  Thursday 3/23/17   Spring Break  
  Tuesday 3/28/17 Both groups.
Last day to drop with "W"
Lecture for both groups in room 113  
1a Thursday 3/30/17   Experiment 1, "Vapor Pressure of Liquids." Vapor pressure
1b Tuesday 4/04/17   Experiment 1 Ch.1,5 (AP); exp 13,14** (GNS)
1c Thursday 4/06/17 4/20/17 Experiment 1  
2a Tuesday 4/11/17   Experiment 2, "Heat of Combustion." Bomb calorimetry
2b Thursday 4/13/17 Have you filed your taxes?? Experiment 2 Ch. 2(AP); exp 6** (GNS)
2c Tuesday 4/18/17 5/02/17 Experiment 2  
  Thursday 4/20/17 Both groups. Lecture for both groups in room 113  
3a Tuesday 4/25/17   Experiment 3, "Heat-Capacity Ratio." Cp/Cv
3b Thursday 4/27/17 5/09/17 Experiment 3 Ch.2 (AP); exp 3** (GNS)
4a Tuesday 5/02/17   Experiment 4, "Thermodynamics of DNA Duplex." Thermodynamics of DNA
4b Thursday 5/04/17 5/15/17 Experiment 4  
  Thursday 5/11/17   Oral Presentations in room 113
bring also your notebooks and old lab reports
  Tuesday 5/16/17   Grades Turn in.   
        Additional Experiments:  
        Experiment 11 - "Scanning Probe Microscopy" Ch.28.2 (AP);
        Experiment 12 - Alternative Experiment 4, "Ionization Constants of Acids"  
        Experiment 13 - Also alternative Experiment 4, "Cyclic Voltammetry"  
        Experiment 14 - Also alternative Experiment 4, "Conductance of Solutions"  

Experiment 15 - Alternative Experiment 9, "Raman Spectroscopy"

Raman Spectroscopy;

* - the books are abbreviated according to the reference page for books
**-please note that the actual experiments could be different from those described in the text; refer to the web site for detailed experiment description

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