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New Mexico State University

SC2: Scientifically Connected CommunitiesInspiring the next generation of scientists!

Susan Brown, Terri Hansen, Hernan Miranda, College of Education

Academic courses

Boy learning science
Teachers working with the GLX devices

Education 595

EDUC 595 - section M71: Directed Study CRN# 32353

Science and Mathematics Curriculum Development for 5-6 Grades (Fall 2007). This course is an extension of the Scientifically Connected Communities summer institute.

This course can take the place of EDUC 516: Curriculum and Pedagogy I

See the syllabus of this course...

Education 501

EDUC 501 - section M70: Special Topics CRN# 32210

Applied Science and Mathematics Aerospace Curriculum (Fall 2007).

This course can take the place of EDUC 516: Curriculum and Pedagogy I

Astronomy 508

ASTR 508 - section M01: Astro for educators CRN# 31663 (face to face)
ASTR 508 - section M70: Astro for educators CRN# 14375 (on-line)

Astronomy for educators taught by Dr. Bernie McNamara of the Astronomy Department - part of the Master of Arts in Teaching with science emphasis (Fall 2007).

Biology 509

BIOL 509 - section M30: Biol Lab for Educators CRN# 21203

Biology Lab for Educators taught by Michelle Schuster of the Biology Department - part of the Master of Arts in Teaching with science emphasis. This course is taught during Summer session II only.

More information about the Master of Arts in Teaching in

Registration process

1. Apply to Grad School (if you have not taken a grad level course within one calendar year) [go to Grad School website...]

2. Once accepted to Grad School (you will receive notification via email)- Register and pay for course.

- To register courses on-line, you have to login in system and select "Registration" option under the "Student and Financial Aid" tab. Once there, select a term (2007 Fall), press "Submit" button, and use the CRN# to add courses. You can add many courses at one time.

- To pay on-line, you have to login in the Web Payment System and follow the directions.

For both systems, you will need your NMSU e-mail account. If you do not have one, please follow the directions given in to get one

3. Once registration is complete, send electronic copy or mail hard copy of registration to Susan Brown as documentation for stipend. There is stipend money to pay for the required EDUC courses for the MAT degree as well.

Dr. Susan W. Brown
PO BOX 30001, MSC 3R
Las Cruces, NM 88003

More opportunities

Another opportunity to consider:

Albert Pierce Foundation

1. Earth Science/Ecology Professional Development in the Fall 2007

2. Environmental Science lab materials provided for the classroom

3. Transportation for classes to go to the Rio Grande or sites around Las Cruces for full lab to half day, inquiry-based labs