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New Mexico State University

SC2: Scientifically Connected CommunitiesInspiring the next generation of scientists!

Susan Brown, Hernan Miranda, College of Education

Educational web resources

Boy learning science
Science is for ALL students!


Tree of Life web project

Bugs in the News

Welcome to the Microbe Zoo

Biology of Plants

Missouri Botanical Garden Net

Microbe World

Physics and Astronomy

Physics links online. Astronomy and Physics Resources

Visual Quantum Mechanics Project

Chemistry American Chemical Society

Chemistry: Web elements periodic table

Inquiry-Based Chemistry Exercises

Touchspin Interactive Periodic Table


NPR. Inside the Teenage Brain

Neuroscience for Kids

Girl learning science. Las Cruces, NM
Girl learning science
Science is fun
Everybody can learn and enjoy science

Earth Sciences

Environmental Sciences for Teachers

Atlas of the Biosphere

Earth Science Explorer

Population Connection

Digital Desert Library

Aerospace Sciences

NASA Space Place

Destination Tomorrow. NASA

NASA Connect

Destination tomorrow. NASA's Center for Distance Learning

The NASA Science Files

Other resources


The Astrobiology Curriculum

Programa EXPLORA (in Spanish)

Science U

Discovery Channel School

Marco Polo Education: Internet Content for the Classroom

Eric Weisstein's World of Science

National Science Digital Library

Teachers'  Domain: Multimedia Resorces for the Classroom and Professional Development

National Science Education Standards

Annenberg Media Exhibits. Multimedia Resources for Teaching Science

The National Academies. Advisers to the nation on Science, Engineering, and Medicine

National Science Resource Center

Bill Nye: The Science guy

New Mexico Science Standards