Parking lot - dinghy dock bonaire

Sailing in the Southern Caribbean Christmas 2009

We began in Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles off the coast of Venezula and I left the boat in St. Lucia four weeks later Four weeks with no shoes - excellent. To the left is a typical dinghy dock or parking lot for sail boat transportaion and one of my favorite bars in the world - Jib City on Bonaire.

The pictures below are from Grenada, St. Lucia, Bonaire, St. Vincent, Union Island, and my personal favorite - Bequia

See if you can identify the locations.

- click on the pics. for a larger close-up view. Place your cursor on the picture for a title - hope you enjoy your trip!

Union Island Fruit stand Union

Boat in sun Hats for sale St. Lucia Boat at sunset

Pitons St. Lucia Pitons St. Lucia Pitons St. Lucia Pitons St. Lucia

Pitons St. Lucia bonaire bonaire bonaire

bonaire bonaire

...more to come....

remember: Travel is great fun - Let's go!

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