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PADI Open Water and Master Scuba Diver Trainer Instructor:

Instructor- PatchThomas Jenkins (scuba resume) (owsi: 160587 ) offer the following classes and PADI centifications.

Turk and Caicos Diving


Click on the picture to see Jamie Dryden and Tom in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Photo credit: Michael Boyer
Email:  Tom:   tjenkins@nmsu.edu
Phones: Tom  (505) 646.2236(w) 646.6107(fax)



A full line of scuba equipment can be rented from one(1) day up to one(1) week or more. Equipment includes tanks, BCDs, regulators, masks, fins, snorkels, computers, dive lights, compasses, dive knives, and exposure suits (lycra, polartec, neoprene). Contact any local dive store for rates and availability.


A variety of excellent marine environmental organizations exist. These organizations objective is the health of the marine ecosystems. I am a member of Reef Environmental and Education Foundation (REEF) and do fish surveys for them on my trips. Visit the REEF site to learn about their activities or see the Scuba Links below for additional environmental sites

Caribean Island


Group dive trips are a great way to dive with friends at a lower cost. These are also great opportunities to get additional dive education and experiences under instructor supervision, such as the PADI Advanced Open Water class or PADI specialities. Currently I am looking at dive travel to the Caribean, Mexico, Central America, and Micronesia. We often dive aboard a brand new Peter Hughes live-aboard. (see the link Peter Hughes for the local and boat descriptions) as well as land resorts

These are often the times for our recurring trips as well as specific dates that we know of..


I hate lists of links .... so here's mine - Links to scuba related web sites

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