Thomas W. Jenkins

Professor and Department Head
Engineering Technology and Surveying Engineering (ETSE)
New Mexico State University (NMSU)
"Linking Theory and Application"
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Visit NMSU and the ET department at the following links:


This is the ETSE building (on the right) - EC III also called the Ed and Harold Foreman Building or ECIII.
I am in room 130 which is the ETSE Department office on the first floor off the lobby in the front. See a MAP for the specific campus building location. My office hours vary each semester but are generally whenever I'm not teaching a class or lab.

Mailing address: Thomas Jenkins NMSU Box 30001, Dept. 3566 Las Cruces, NM 88003-0001 Phone: is 575.646.2236
The best way to reach me is via email, so: Send mail to:


As part of my duties as a Professor of Engineering Technology, I am responsible for developing and teaching ET classes each semester. My semester class load typically comes from:


TDRSS I have been at NMSU since 1990 and have over fifteen years of computer science and engineering professional experience.

I have worked with a variety of government agencies and Fortune 500 firms such as Dept. of Defence (DOD), NASA, TRW (TDRSS - click on picture to left), Kentron International, Eagle Signal Controls, and others.

A lot of my experience deals with satelites, missiles, computer hardware and software, and digital systems.



Turks and Caicos
Dive I am a Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certified scuba instructor and an avid recreational diver.

Visit my scuba web site for information on scuba diving. Click on the picture on the left to see me at depth in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
Scuba Diving Informational Web Site


I was an official scorekeeper (and fan) of the AGGIE (ROADRUNNER) VOLLEYBALL team at NMSU (see schedule at attached link) - congrats to all!

I also am a recreational player participating in NMSU intramurals and the DESERT VOLLEYBALL ASSOCIATION (DVA) leagues and tournaments. The DVA leagues are indoors in winter and outdoors in summer. Outdoors is on grass or sand courts. Leagues and tournaments have a variety of formats from doubles thru co-rec sixes.


Water and snow skiing are sports which I enjoy. If its winter, its time to think about snow. Most of my skiing is done at SKI APACHE in Ruidoso, NM. Visit their web site at: SKI APACHE or for general skiing information try skiing info. A cool site about skiing, equipment, instruction tips, photo galleries, on-line maps for NM skiing is ISKI - good for gear finding too.

Travel, Leisure, and Misc. sunset in Cozumel Mex.

Travel and Adventure: (**NEW)Sailing Adventures; Italy; Peru (Cusco & Machu Pichu); Spain (La Alhambra); Mexico...more to come later.

click for Las Cruces forecast If its a pretty day, lets go play outside! Las Cruces Weather =>

Want to see something that begs the question: "What am I doing here?" - Check out Hawaii weather/photos/surf etc. right now (realtime - as you read this)!

I love playing sports but don't care much about watching (esp. pro-sports), so NO links to sports pages here. I do workout some, including jogging, playing sports, and weight training.

After working out - Smoke a good Cigar four or five times a year. Read any good BOOKS lately? While drinking a tall cold one and cooking a nice dinner.

Pets:, I have had horses, tropical fish, birds, and cats; but, I am really a dog man. I like working dogs like pointers, setters, cattle dogs, shitzhund trained rottweilers. A good trained dog is a real joy and great companion, like my little female. How about some rotty head shot.

MatterhornEnjoy outdoor recreation, such as hiking, skiing (see above), mountaineering, canoeing - rafting, and such stuff. I even keep up on expeditions, such as the PBS/NOVA program on EVEREST

Got about $10 invested in stocks (what do you expect on a professor's salary). I check on these at a stock-market site. about once a month.

machine Want to know what TIME it is exactly from the NIST atomic clock? Have a phone number and want to know the name? Reverse phonebook search and a map of where they live (does regular name/number lookup too)

Talking about MAPS (where does Jane Doe live?, what's the best route to Joes' Supermarket?, show me San Francisco wharf district street map, etc.), the best site is MAPQUEST but Digital City is pretty good. How about those National Geographic Society maps complete with basic country info. NGS

Need a General Dictionary, or a Thesauras? How about a good Quotation. Want to search the WEB. Want to learn about my area of interest Microprocessors

Need to do a Spanish-to-English or other language translation? Travelling and want to know the currency conversion rates - try CURRENCY CONVERTER. Thinking about borrowing money and want to know the payments? Try this AMORTIZATION CALCULATOR.

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