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New Mexico State University

ASNMSU 2013 Elections

President: David Maestas

Being in a position of power is not about the title or the glory. It is about being a servant to those who chose you, and making their voices heard. As your Vice President, I have strived to improve the function of your student government and have done my best to make serve you by voting against a student fee increase, maintaining transparency, and communicating with administration. I have traveled to the State Capitol to advocate for the lottery scholarship and to find methods to prevent its dissolution. As a Senator, I helped allocate more than $50,000 to numerous organizations on campus and voted against the fractional grading proposed by faculty. If I am elected as your President, I will continue to work to improve the services provided on campus and make your needs known. Whether your concern is tuition, student fees, crimson cab services, homecoming, or getting money for your organization, I will do my best to diligently perform my duties and make sure that I serve those who elected me. You will always be my first priority, and I will always be ready to listen to your thoughts on how we can make NMSU better. Go Aggies!

-Voted AGAINST a student fee increase.
-Voted to allocate money to every diversity program that requested funding.
-Voted to fund the Graduate Arts Symposium every year that I was a senator.
-Voted against fractional grading.
-Traveled with the Student Advocacy Board to support the continuance of the lottery scholarship.
-Divided the ASNMSU Senate scholarship to monthly payments (rather than a one time payment) to encourage incentive with senators, and assure that they work for the students to earn their money.

-Visit with student organizations on campus to raise awareness of ASNMSU.
-Encourage LOW TUITION to administration.
-Improve services to international students.
-Promote and raise awareness of diversity programs.
-Find opportunities for Agricultural research.
-Encourage and support funding for Graduate student research.
-Keep on campus services FREE to students.
-Support Athletics and Intramural programs.
-Support tuition waivers for Graduate Students and assist in furthering the aims and goals of the graduate school.

President: Breeana Sylvas

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Vice President: Wesley Jackson

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Vice President: Erik Tischofer

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Vice President: Jeremy Witte

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Graduate Senator (write-in): Jessica Lail

Hello! My name is Jessica Lail and I'm a masters student in psychology. In my first year at NMSU, I've become involved with the GSC as a GSO representative and as a graduate education committee member. Now, moving into my second year, I'm interested in representing the graduate student community and providing a voice in the ASNMSU Senate for each of you. I will be running as a write-in candidate in the upcoming election beginning on March 11th. I would greatly appreciate it if you would write in my name and elect me to represent you!

Graduate Senator: Alireza Saraeian

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