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New Mexico State University

Graduate Student Council: Funding

The GSC provides partial funding for graduate students to attend national and international conferences, workshops, or other research-related events, regardless of whether the student is presenting his/her work. The GSC also provides partial funding for Graduate Student Organization (GSO) purchases or events that promote participation in the GSO (eg, team building field trips, GSO T-shirts, etc). Please note that all funding will come in the form of reimbursement, so save your receipts!

Here is the quick guide to apply for and receive funding:

1.) Determine if you are eligible to receive funding
2.) Fill out a proper application
3.) Submit that application by the appropriate deadline
4.) Turn in receipts for reimbursement
5.) Meet supplemental requirements

For complete rules and eligibility, see Article VIII of the GSC bylaws. If more than one person from the same GSO is attending the same conference/workshop, they must submit a combined application in a single packet. Only one application is allowed per conference per GSO. Funding is provided on a first come, first serve basis. No single GSO can obtain more that 30% of the total available funds for the year.

Approval of your application is determined by the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee is a committee of your peers set up to judge whether or not your funding application meets the requirements and follows the funding laws set in the GSC bylaws. If you are interested in participating as a member of the Finance Committee, please contact Trevor Harris.

Note: ASNMSU can also provide partial funding for your conference or meeting. For more information about this please contact one of the graduate student senators. Here is a short walkthrough on how to get ASNMSU funding. The remainder of this webpage will discuss funding requirements for GSC only (not ASNMSU).

Individuals may receive funding once per semester. GSOs may receive funding once per year.
For an individual or group of individuals:
  • If requested amount is less than $200, than the full amount may be reimbursed
  • If requested amount is more than $200, then $200 + 50% of remainder may be reimbursed with an upper limit of $500 for an individual or $1000 for a group.
For a GSO:
  • If the GSO has 10 members who each complete two (2) hours of outreach or if the GSO has accumulated at least 10 points, than 50% of requested amount, up to $250 may be reimbursed.
  • If the GSO has 10 members who each complete two (2) hours of outreach and the GSO has accumulated at least 10 points, than 50% of requested amount, up to $500 may be reimbursed.
A GSO receives points for having members attend GSC meetings, volunteering for GRAS, serving on the GSC executive board, or participating on other GSC committees (like the finance committee!).

1.) Eligibilty

Individuals may receive funding once per semester, and GSOs may receive funding once per year.

To be eligible for GSC funding you must meet the following requirements:
As an individual:
  1. Must be at least a half time graduate student at the time of the meeting or conference.
  2. Perform three (3) hours of community service. These hours can be either on- or off-campus.
  3. Attend two (2) GSC Meetings. This can be done after the conference, but you will not receive funding untill it is complete
As a GSO:
  1. Must be chartered in accordance with ASNMSU rules at the time of the event or purchase.
  2. Have a representative attend two (2) GSC Meetings

2.) Application Packet

Please put together a packet with the following items, in this order:

  1. A completed Funding Checklist (.docx version) with applicant's initials indicating inclusion of all required documents.
  2. A cover letter exlpaining when and where you are traveling, why you are attending this conference, and how the money will be used (eg. airfare, hotel, etc.) Details are great! See an example cover letter here (.doc version).
  3. Funding Appropriation form (.doc version) - THIS FORM MUST BE TYPED... or very neatly written
  4. Community Service Projects form (.doc version) showing that each individual on the funding request has completed three (3) hours of community service. Community service hours are valid for 120 days after the community service has taken place, including weekends and excluding holidays.
  5. An official conference program to show proof of attendance, or a letter from your advisor stating that you are attending this conference.
  6. Copies of receipts or estimates of everything you are requesting funding for. This will include registrations fees, airfare, and hotel bills. Make sure you include everything you would like to receive funding for. If you do not have a receipt, estimate it. Be sure to explain clearly in your cover letter what the money will be used for.

3.) Deadlines

Please turn in your completed application packets by the appropriate deadline to be considered for funding! Applications should be turned in to Trevor Harris:

Did your conference or meeting occur:

  • During the summer holiday? The deadline is the second meeting of the fall semester. A list of meeting times is available here.
  • During the academic year? The deadline is three (3) weeks before the start of your trip OR the second to last meeting of the semester, whichever occurs first. A list of meeting times is available here.

4.) Getting Your Money

To receive funds you must present your receipts to the financial advisor, Debbie Peel, at the ASNMSU offices in Corbett Student Center after you return from your trip. Once again, this is done after your trip. You must have receipts to be reimbursed.

5.) Follow-up

  • Keep a copy of your application for your own records.
  • Make sure you have attended both of your GSC meetings. You will not get reimbursed if you have not done this.
  • If you receive funds you must present at GRAS. If you do not, you will be ineligible for future funding.

If you have any questions or if you would like more information about funding, contact the GSC Treasurer, Trevor Harris.