Ancient Maya WebQuest

Create a budget to use during your trip to the land of Maya. Take into consideration the cost of airline tickets, hotels, food,… etc.

The Task
Working in groups of three, you will make a list of activity you want to do in during your trip. Estimate how much each activity will cost. Investigate geometric concepts in a Mayan Pyramid. Then you will present your data in appropriate tables and graphs.


Mayan Pyramids

Aztec, Mayan, and Incan Architecture

Chichén Itza

Journey to the Land of the Maya

Mayan Tour

Travel Information

1. Identify the location of the ancient Maya on a map.
2. Obtain the lowest airfare from your home town to a town nearest to the land of the
3. Determine the cost to rent a car to use for a week.
4. Figure out how many pesos you would get in exchange for $100.
5. Use the Internet resources to answer the following questions that related to Mayan civilization:
1. How would you describe the Mayan people?
2. How the Mayan people built their pyramids?
3. How the Mayan used geometry to build pyramids?
6. Choose a Mayan pyramid then describe its dimensions, base, height, vertices,
sides, front view, side view, and top view

Present your report to the class.