Math 561, Spring 1998

Critique of Modules

Consider these questions:

  1. What is the intended audience?
    1. Is this audience well-considered throughout the module?
    2. Is the information appropriate?
  2. Is the information given accessible to teachers?  Students?
  3. Is the writing clear?
  4. What is the purpose of studying the material?  (See also #14 and #15)
    1. How does it fit with the curriculum?  (See also #8)
  5. Has the proper amount of original source material been selected?
  6. Is there appropriate historical content?
    1. Ambient social history
    2. Biography
    3. Mathematical content
    4. Notation, mathematical paradigms
    5. Balance of math vs. history
  7. Is the mathematical annotation appropriate?  Too little?  Too much?
  8. How will it be used in the classroom?
    1. What actually happens in class?
    2. How will assignments work?  (See also #9)
  9. Are there exercises, and are they appropriate?
    1. Appropriate difficulty level?
    2. Are they well chosen to demonstrate concepts?
  10. Is everything correct?
  11. Are the references adequate and useful?
  12. Is the reader enticed into further exploration?  (See also #13)
  13. Will this motivate students?
  14. What will students learn?
  15. Will this help with something students have trouble with?

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