& 5. Action Research
SUMMARY of TD5: Action Research
1. Cooperative Inquiry (Reason & Heron)
2. Participative Action Research (Fals-Borda & Rahman) 
3. Action Science/ Action Inquiry (Argyris; Torbert) This isPeter Reason's typology (See Handbook of Qualitative Research 1996). 
Similarities to other TD methods:
  • {  6. Appreciative Inquiry-

Dissimilar to other TD Methods:

  • ? Reengineering 

 Note Reason's typology excludes most TD board game cells 1-4 & 6-14.


Cooperative Inquiry (Reason & Heron) - Reason home page (press here).  

Participative Action Research (Fals-Borda & Rahman)


Action Science/ Action Inquiry (Argyris; Torbert)

  1. ACTION INQUIRY Torbert (home page)
  1. ACTION SCIENCE - Chris Argyris (For Bibliography press here).
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