1. Forming Networks of Community Organizations

SUMMARY of TD1: Saul Alinsky's Grassroots Community Organizing Model is perhaps the earliest form of democratic consulting to multi-organizational systems. Saul's successor - Ernesto Cortez has a more bureaucratic model. A competing grassroots community development model is ACORN.
Similarities to other TD methods:
  • l#2 - Most Similar to Emery Model of Participative Democracy.
  • C#4 - Some similarities to Participative Action Research

Dissimilar to other TD Methods:

  • ? Reengineering 

Part I: Saul Alinsky's work in Community Organizing

Part II: Ernesto Cortez's work

Part II: Reinventing Government
           Going Beyond 2 Party System - the GREENS
           Reinventing Government - America Speaks?
               Claims and Counter Claims

Part III: Direct Participative Democracy & Distributive Work
           Direct Democracy movement
           Distributed Work movement


There are natural community organizers. I studied Ted Watkins work in the early 1980s, but my real mentors were Ms. Nora King, of Nickerson Gardens and former Vice Chancellor of UCLA, C. Z. Wilson. 

Part I Saul Alinsky

Part II Ernesto Cortez

Related Models


PART III: Reinventing Government
After Reengineering lost popularity in the downsizing craze in industry, it keeps consultants in billable hours in the reinventing goverment efforts at restrucuration. The Mike Hammer Reinventing Government Awards consist of little hammers you get to wear on your lapel if you have reinvented government. There appear to be two related intiatives. One is RGN, the other America Speaks return to index

The Reinventing Government Network (RGN) is a transorganizational association of various individuals and organizations from around the world, seeking innovative  public-sector reform. RGN currently has associates in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

America Speaks is an effort to bring more local and informed dialogue to democracy.  It is a move away from representative democracy as it is currently practiced, but is not direct democracy (as for example in Emery's Participative Design for Participative Democracy).

There are many claims and counter-claims:

PART IV  Direct Participative Democracy   return to index

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