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1. Community Organizing - Saul Alinsky

2. Participative Design for Participative Democratcy - Fred & Merilyn Emery

3. STS of Lou Davis & Future Search of Marvin Weisbord 4. SEAM - Socio-Economic Approach to Management - Henri SAVALL

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STOP 16. Attend Deprogram Classes in Critical Theory


  1. Guru Develops Large System Change Models
  2. Build a training seminar for trainers
  3. Following of Ph.D. consultants begins to do research to affirm one model
  4. Disciples defend against all other models on the game board
  5. Comparative research across models is taboo
  6. Attend TD Deprogramming Classes to break out of one model mindset

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5. ACTION RESEARCH - Argyris, Reason, Torbert

15. Network Organizations (Chisholm; cyber war paradigm)

6. APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY - Cooperrider & Srivastva

14. METATHEATRE and Postmodern Theatrics

7. REENGINEERING - TQM - post 1990s Tom Peters

13. Spectacle, Festival, & Carnival (Debord; Best & Kellner; Boje)

FRAMES -  Aristotle, Burke, Clegg Goffman

ENRON Raptor Partner Network

12. Transorganization Development (Culbert et al., 1972; Boje & Motomedi, Cummings)

11. Restorying (White & Epston;  Barry; Rosile)

10. STAKEHOLDERS  (Mason & Mitroff)  & LEARNING ORGs Boisot, Senge, Schein

MYTH MAKING - Boje/Fedor/Rowland; Owens,;McWhinney

TD Consulting Game Tables

TD Network Consulting Game David M. Boje, Ph.D.

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TD stands for Transorganizational DevelopmenTD Network Gameboard is designed to give you a learning lab of network consultation approaches to multi-organizational change methodologies. These are free tutorials in TD Network diagnosis, process implementation, and large system change evaluation ( see for example, TD Network Tool Kit, or  TD Table, and as you become a proficient player you learn to make rhizomatic connections between different methodologies

Launched: September 16, 1999

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We can Email you Results of TD Diagnostic Survey We can Email you Results of TD Diagnostic Survey We can Email you Results of TD Diagnostic Survey  We can Email you Results of TD Diagnostic Survey 
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