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TD stands for transorganizational development (press here for TD Gameboard).
Green accounting is a transorganizational praxis to improve collective environmental stakeholder performance, audit life cycle costs, and develop managerial accounting practices to trace and report green revenues and costs in financial reports to investors, consumers, suppliers, employees and communities. Green Accounting SITES

TD Green Accounting Gameboard
TD Green Accounting - Concepts and Definitions TD Green Accounting - History and International Differences TD Green Accounting - Life Cycle Costing
TD Green Accounting - Environmental Auditing TD Critical Postmodern theoretical underpinning the sourrounding Gameboard Squares TD Green Accounting - Positive Examples of Green Accounting Practices
TD Green Wash Accounting - Ernst and Young Environmental Audit Report of Nike and other Horror Stories TD Green Accounting - ISO14000 Standards TD Green Accounting - Exemplary TD Consulting Firms
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Green Accounting traces the internalized and externalized costs and revenues of "cleaner" capital-investment technologies, develops "greener" multi-organization supply chains, distribution options, implements decomposable products for recycling, and informs collective stakeholder decisions related to product and service pricing, performance, and long term social and ecological costs.

The goal of green accounting is to increase the amount of relevant ecological knowledge that is made available to those stakeholders who need or can use it.

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