Green Life Cycle and Accounting Praxis
David M. Boje
October 23, 1999

What is a Green Life Cycle? This includes impacts along the entire continuum of a products life from raw material extraction, through manufacturing, distribution and transportation, use, recycle, and ultimately to final disposal.

Source (press here).

What is Life Cycle Analysis? LCA is a systematic cradle-to-grave analyses of production systems tool to estimate the environmental consequences of alternative materials, designs, manufacturing processes, product use patterns, and end of life alternatives. The assessment includes the entire life cycle of the product, process or activity, encompassing, extracting and processing raw materials; manufacturing, transportation and distribution; use, re-use, maintenance; recycling, and final disposal. The next LCA step is to conduct a life cycle impact assessment. The impact assessment focuses on the potential environmental and human health impacts associated with a given product system based on the life cycle inventory results. Analysis of multiple environmental and resource issues (i.e.: inputs and outputs). Final phase is an improvement analysis to evaluate opportunities to reduce energy, material inputs, or environmental impacts at each stage of the product life-cycle. After analysis comes implementation (press here for more).

What is Life Cycle Cost? References on Life Cycle Cost
Paper by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. e.h. Dr. h.c. Hans-Jörg Bullinger, Dr.-Ing. Joachim Warschat, Dipl.-Ing. Reinhold Bopp M.S., Dipl.-Ing. Kai Wörner M.Sc. "APPROACHES TO PRODUCT LIFE-CYCLE COST ESTIMATION IN CONCURRENT ENGINEERING" (press here).

Quick Study Guide References

Netherlands - recommends:

See Environmental Impact Assessment site - Has many good links to international resources, research options, and methods (press here).


Types of Management Decisions Benefiting from Environmental Cost Information (Source: EPA 742-R-95-001 June, 1995) Modeling Green Life Cycle Design for Products/Processes Case Studies

Bristol-Myers Squibb - Product life cycle reviews form the cornerstone of BMS's prevention-based EHS activities (press here).   In 1992, BMS committed to completing Product Life Cycle reviews of all major product lines by the end of 1997, establishing a company wide commitment  to leadership in EHS management.  The teams participating in PLC reviews were able to identify and reduce negative EHS impacts throughout all phases of a  product's life, from research to final disposal.  The teams also identified potential  savings of more than $6.5 million in product and process improvement opportunities, benefiting both the environment and business. For Example:

Hamaker, Joseph W. "TWO-STAGE-TWO-ORBIT: A COST PERSPECTIVE." (press here). Engineering Cost Office NASA Marshall Space Flight Center  Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812. This paper considers the possible life-cycle costs of single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) and two-stage-to-orbit (TSTO) reusable launch vehicles (RLVís).

Office of Codes and Standards (OCS)  U.S. Department of Energy  MANUFACTURER IMPACT ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY WORKSHOP FOR THE BALLAST ENERGY EFFICIENCY STANDARDS RULEMAKING  (April 28, 1998) (press here for full report).  Press here for info on how to download spreadsheets and simulations for LCC analysis.

Clean Coal Technology Compendium - This page features useful analytical tools to be applied to electric power technology data from the Compendium and other sources. Each tool will have instructions for use and a sample or default set of parameters installed. Spreadsheet-based tools will be emphasized because of their ease-of-use (press here) for spreadsheet downloads. Other resources (press here).

NFESC Energy and Utilities Department Energy Project Execution   Life Cycle Cost Spreadsheet for Submitting Energy Projects (press here).

Life Cycle Cost Case Study on Slides (press here) for slide 1, (press here) for slide 26, (press here) for slide 27.


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