Table 4 Contrasts of TD Ontologies and Praxis Approaches

Abbreviations (KWKOKM - Knowledge Worker, Knowledge Organization, Knowledge Management; PDPD - participative design for participative democracy; QWL - Quality of Working Life; STS - Socio technical Systems)

TD1 Ontologies/Praxis

Middle Range Approaches

TD2 Ontologies/Praxis

Social Engineering

1 Reengineering and late Tom Peters Seminar/Wow

2.Knowledge Organizations KWKOKM

3. TD1 Social Network Structures


Free, Self-Steering markets and Individualism

4. Virtual Organizations; Social Reengineering Networks & Knowledge Revolution; KO

5. The Network War Machine Among Organizations; CyberWar



Structural Functionalism

1.. Ernesto Cortez Industrial Areas Foundation


Social Construction

2. Weisbord; Future Search; Lou Davis QWL & STS.

3. STS-Network Organizations-Chisholm

4. Cooperative Inquiry; Participative Action Science; Action Science

5. Frameworks-Goffman; Metaphorization-Morgan; TD application of Berger & Luckmann

6.Open Spaces - Owens.

7. Learning and Organization work- Senge, Argyris, Schein.


Affrimative Postmodern

8. Appreciative Inquiry



Labor/Grassroots Organizing

1. Saul Alinsky/Ted Watkins & Acrorn Community Organizing

TD2 Transorganizational Development

2. Mythmaking - Boje, Fedor & Rowland


Dewey/Peirce Pragmatism

3. Emerys' PDPD



4. Restorying and Narrative Therapy.


Critical Postmodern

5. Festival alternatives to Spectacle

6. Postmodern Theatrics

7.Sociology of OD - Collins.