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  • Douglas D. Cortes, Ph.D

  • Associate Professor
  • Civil Engineering Department
  • New Mexico State University
  • Past President ASCE NM-Section
  • 3035 S. Espina Street
  • Hernandez Hall Rm. 202
  • Las Cruces, NM 88003
  • P. (575) 646 6012
  • dcortes@nmsu.edu
  • Education:

  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology [2010]
  • M.S.C.E., Georgia Institute of Technology [2008]
  • B.S.C.E., Georgia Institute of Technology, Highest Honors [2006]



Ph.D. Students:

B.S. Students:

Young Scholars:


Former Students:

  • Ammar Ali, Ph.D., graduated 2018

  • Sheldon John, M.S., graduated 2018

  • Rodolfo Rascón de Lira, Ph.D., graduated 2018

  • Mark Breitnauer, M.S., graduated 2017

  • Sarah Garduno, M.S., graduated 2016

  • Rachelle Mason, M.S., graduated 2016

  • Ali Nasirian, Ph.D., graduated 2016

  • Louis Romero, M.S., graduated 2016

  • Allison Jenness, M.S., graduated 2014

  • Mark Ormand, M.S., graduated 2014

  • Sarah Williamson, M.S., graduated 2013


New Mexico State University (fall 2011 - present):

  • CE 357 - Soil Mechanics

  • CE 470 - Landfill Design

  • CE 479 - Pavement Analysis and Design

  • CE 506 - Advanced Soil Mechanics

  • CE 577 - Advanced Pavement Analysis and Design

  • CE 579 - Ground Improvement

  • CE 596 - Special Topics: Engineered Thermoactive Geomaterials

  • CE 508 - Advanced Soil Behavior


Georgia Institute of Technology (Spring 2010 - fall 2010):

  • COE 2001 - Engineering Statics

  • CEE 4405 - Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering (Laboratory)


Teaching Performance (Student Evaluations max = 4.0):

  • Undergraduate Courses: 3.39 [Department average: 3.31]

  • Graduate Courses: 3.46 [Department average: 3.28]


The focus of our research efforts lies in the development of creative solutions to geotechnical engineering challenges that stem from the characteristic performance levels of soils in their natural state.

In classical geotechnical engineering areas, performance is most often defined in terms of mechanical properties such as strength and stiffness. While soil improvement in these areas is already a mature field, modern sustainability challenges force us to revisit conventional methods used to engineer geomaterials. Through improved understanding of soil behavior, we work to optimize the use of available improvement methods that carry low sustainability ratings, while also identifying suitable sustainable alternatives. Our interest in classical problems is also driven by our desire to bridge the gap between the state of the art and the state of the practice.

In contemporary geo-challenges, performance is defined in a variety of forms and often involves intricate relationships between mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, and biological properties. Such modern challenges encompass coupled phenomena that create the need for engineered geomaterials capable of fulfilling multiple roles simultaneously. Our work in these areas is in many aspects pioneering in the field of geotechnical engineering, but borrows heavily from the vast available knowledge in physics, chemistry, and biology.


Active Research Topics:

  • Heat induced changes in soils with polymeric admixtures: recycled polymer bonding and dissolution protection coatings.

  • Reclaimed asphalt pavements (granular composites): revised characterization, resource recovery and management.

  • Geotechnical aspects of pavements: unconventional pavement structures with enhanced performance from unbound aggregate layers.

  • Soil-cement mechanistic mixture design: minimizing cement while maximizing performance.

  • Smart Backfills for geothermal borehole heat exchangers.

  • Bioinspired geosensors.


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  18. Names in bold denote current and former ηGRL members.


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