Gallery of clouds, smoke and atmospheric phenomena

This page contains my slowly growing gallery of weather and air quality related images.  I've indicated the approximate file size in parenthesis.
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Mammatus cloud in southern New Mexico (27k)  This is an indicator of negatively buoyant convection in a storm cloud. The UIUC Cloud Catalog has a good explaination of how they form.
Mammatus cloud over Reno right after a thunderstorm in August (18k). The cloud formation was directly over me when I took this photograph.
Mammatus cloud over Reno with passenger jet in lower left of image (23k).
Mammatus cloud over Santa Fe (15k)
Kelvin-Helmholz instability shown in clouds near T or C, New Mexico. (40k)  I have seen quite a few of these effects around Reno except when I have my camera. (See reference in Weatherwise June 1987, pp. 156-158 for an explaination)
Fallstreaks shown in clouds over Reno, Nevada (37k)
Lee clouds over Reno, Nevada (12k)  That afternoon had quite an eerie look with these dark clouds overhead.  People on the leeward side of the Sierra Nevada see quite a few of these types of clouds.
View of bottom of lenticular cloud in Reno (21k)
Billow clouds over Mt. Rose, Nevada (13k)
Grid pattern of Jet contrails over Spanish Springs (Reno suburb), Nevada (21k)
Two thunder heads rising northeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the summer (27k)
Missile contrail observed from Saline Valley in Death Valley National Park, California (16k)  Note: This is the contrail from the December 5, 1998 launch of a Pegasus XL rocket from Vandenberg, CA. This rocket carried NASA's submillimeter wave astronomy satellite. The contrail in this photo is quite a bit dispersed and doesn't do justice to the original colors.
Iridescent cloud (irisation) observed over Reno. The colors seen near the bottom edges of the cloud indicate either uniform particle sizes or a slowly varying gradient in drop sizes away from the cloud edges.  (22k)
Crepuscular rays during a sunset in Reno. (11k)
Rainbow during a summer storm over Reno (16k). Reno National Weather Service office is located in the bottom center of the image. The secondary bow is very faint in this photograph.
Brush fire near Sun Valley, NV during summer of 1999 (39k).
Cerro Grande fire viewed from Santa Fe, NM during May 2000 (23k)
Cerro Grande fire blocking the afternoon sun (23k)
Viveash fire near Pecos, NM during May 2000 (12k)
Smoke plume from sugar cane field burning on Maui (27k)
Smoke from a Maui sugar cane field blocking the sun (17k)


Last updated 22 April 2001

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