Photographs of Interesting Places

Photos of Interesting Places

This page is dedicated to sights that are unique or out of the ordinary.

Very tall cross in Groom, Texas (14k)
This is the largest cross in the western hemisphere and was erected in July 20, 1995. It's also visible from interstate 40. If you look carefully in the photo there is a man standing to the right of the base.

Badwater, Death Valley (36k)
This location in Death Valley National Park is the lowest spot in the United States. This area is also infamous for its high temperatures in the summer. Temperatures can easily reach 120 F.

Space shuttle in Canada (21k)
You can visit a mock up of the space shuttle in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I'm not sure what's inside since I didn't go in. See this article in Travel Update for an explaination.

Last updated 14 April 1999

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